ExoPlanet is the compilation of decades of action and innovation based stories, producers and entities that are now in collaboration mode to focus on fixing the planet ... by putting the spotlight on people & resources that are in action for a better world for all iiving things!

EXOPLANET is a new 24/7 Digital TV Network for all key media platforms launching soon ... With its fun slogan, "Life in the Outdoor Realm", ExoPlanet is years in the making with a family of edgy, experienced and eco-centric leaders from the outdoor & adventure sports world!

An ExoPlanet Original, MAS (Museum of Action Sports) is a Planet First; A showcase of the Pioneers of Extreme and Action Sports and those who created a true youth phenomena!

The Official Audio Network of MAS with the Stars of the Extreme & Action Sports World!

As of July, 2023 ... "Be Exalted" - A Global Outreach Media Campaign within the faith community for world issues with emphasis on ecology, peace and justice and cultural cohesion will take place from Durban, South Africa (within a worldwide network of media bureaus, TV and radio channels and more).

Although ExoPlanet will have a varied TV programming format ... a core focus will be on promoting bonafide solutions, entities and people for a better planet with the soon-to-be launched, PLAN-X1 media initiative in cooperation with leaders in global issues (ecology, culture, etc.).

"She Rocks the Planet" is an amazing new addition to our TV programming roster!

- ExoPlanet is a Production and Media Product of Planet X - 

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